PropMan -


The Property Management Authority of South Africa

Sectional Title homeownership, governed by Homeowners Associations in secure residential communities is the most popular form of property ownership in South Africa. It provides for secure property management while reducing maintenance and management costs for property owners.

The successful management of these residential communities requires a direct focus on key components such as; administration, legal compliance, financial management, maintenance and proper planning. 

Being a property owner is one of the biggest investments that one will ever make, yet very few people have the time and expertise required to protect and make the most of this investment.

Management Agents plays a major role in facilitating these complex tasks on behalf of the homeowners and residential communities. Selecting and appointing the most suitable and qualified Management Agent can be a daunting task. 

That is why we have founded PropMan, offering you a complete professional solution to your Property Management needs.

PropMan is unique in its modern approach to Property Management, and only use the latest most efficient systems to facilitate the management of your asset.

PropMan has a proven track record in the Property Management Industry. We have been professionally providing Property Management services to clients for the past 28 years, dating back to 1992, at the inception of the organisation. We are a founding member of the Pretoria Sectional Title Forum, as well as the National Association of Managing Agents. Currently, PropMan is proudly one of the five largest Managing Agents in the Pretoria area. 


The Property Management Authority of SA (Pty) Ltd operates on a set of core values, which are the guiding principles of our organisation, in serving and interacting with our valued clients. These values are:



PropMan has a unique approach, and our new business model focuses on fast and more efficient client service.



Modern technology and software are used to automate tasks, which ensures that everything gets completed accurately and on time.



PropMan facilitates the fastest turnaround times on all communication, through proven and traceable business processes.



PropMan allows both owners and trustees to stay up to date 24/7 with all the activities of our scheme. Owners and trustees have view, read or write access to various facilities and information at their fingertips:

  • Community planner
  • Owners can conveniently update their own information
  • Email correspondence with owners including delivery and read notifications of said correspondence
  • Viewing of complete ledger and cashbook, as well as invoices paid, the latter in image format
  • Bank balances on the live system
  • Year to date figures
  • Graphic view of levy trends
  • Outstanding jobs

In addition to the above, PropMan can grant specific user preferences, on its online system, to an appointed Trustee or the Chairman, to action online payment releases for non-essential accounts. This providing almost complete financial control.



The PropMan Team proudly and passionately arrives daily to provide the best