PropMan -

Scheme Management


The Property Management Authority of SA (Pty) Ltd operates on a set of core values, which are the guiding principles of our organisation, in serving and interacting with our valued clients. These values are:


We take the pain out of managing your property

PropMan provides a range of services that takes the pain out of managing your property. It ranges from budgets, issuing levies, recommendation of maintenance contractors and administrative queries. 

The scheme complies with all regulatory bodies, such as the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB), the Debt Collectors Council of SA, National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA), the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act), as well as the Companies Act and its regulations.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PropMan was instrumental in setting the standard for Scheme Management entities, by meeting the requirement as set out by the South African Government. Business processes were set-up to the extent to facilitate a streamlined off-site safe working environment, where a professional service was still provided to clients.

General Maintenance and Repair

General maintenance and repair is the sole responsibility of owners. However, for convenience, PropMan does have available a database of officially registered contractors. In the case of general maintenance and repair or emergency repair assistance, clients have access to this database of suppliers. They can directly contract with the various suppliers having peace of mind, knowing that they are dealing with reputable professionals.


Full administration of your scheme, which includes:

  • Individual Bank Account
  • Collection Services
  • Online Documents
  • Archive Documents
  • Other services required 
  • All statutory requirements
  • Assistance with a 10-year maintenance plan


PropMan provides guidance and assistance in terms of Community Scheme Management Meetings:


  • Technology-driven online or in-person meetings can be organised and facilitated for trustees and other parties, meeting the requirement of the client.
  • Advice to the Board on all legal and procedural matters relating to meetings.
  • Arranging meetings on behalf of the Board of Trustees. This including Board meetings, Annual General Meetings and General Meetings.
  • The PropMan venue caters for 200 people, whilst maintaining social distancing. 
  • Clients have access to a complimentary mobile public announcement system.
  • Recording and circulation of minutes of all meetings are facilitated with a turnaround time of seven working days from the date of the meeting.
  • Following through on all statutory requirements, after any meeting, including but not limited to; updating the Domicile address with CSOS, insurance details and appointment of auditors.
  • Emailing and posting of all notices, minutes and circulars.

Debt Collection

It is of the utmost importance for any Community Scheme to have a positive cash flow. PropMan ensures the timely collection of levies, management of late payments and accounts which have fallen in arrears, in line with the Debt Collectors Act. The organisation is registered Debt Collectors as defined in the Act. Once an arrears account has been handed over for debt collection, PropMan ensures direct access by the facilitating attorneys to speed up the process. All statutory requirements by the Property Act. is upheld.


Legislation prohibits the PropMan organisation and its portfolio managers in supplying clients with insurance advice. The company makes use of fully accredited brokers, who are qualified to make a needs assessment and provide recommendations and advice to clients. 



PropMan has a unique approach, and our new business model focuses on fast and more efficient client service.



Modern technology and software are used to automate tasks, which ensures that everything gets completed accurately and on time.



PropMan facilitates the fastest turnaround times on all communication, through proven and traceable business processes.



PropMan allows both owners and trustees to stay up to date 24/7 with all the activities of our scheme. Owners and trustees have view, read or write access to various facilities and information at their fingertips:

  • Community planner
  • Owners can conveniently update their own information
  • Email correspondence with owners including delivery and read notifications of said correspondence
  • Viewing of complete ledger and cashbook, as well as invoices paid, the latter in image format
  • Bank balances on the live system
  • Year to date figures
  • Graphic view of levy trends
  • Outstanding jobs

In addition to the above, PropMan can grant specific user preferences, on its online system, to an appointed Trustee or the Chairman, to action online payment releases for non-essential accounts. This providing almost complete financial control.



The PropMan Team proudly and passionately arrives daily to provide the best